Your Reservation

A fine room with two separate beds.
Like our other rooms, this room has a wardrobe, a large window, a table and chairs. All rooms have access to a refrigerator, tea- and coffee maker, TV, computer and WiFi-connection. A common room can be found both upstairs and downstairs.

The real Finnish summer! Enjoy the genuine achipelagic feeling of a real wood heated sauna! Reservation costs 15€ for one hour and 25€ for two hours.

25.00€ / package

Use the outdoor barbeque grill just outside the house. Includes hotplate, grill, lighter fluid, utensils. Food to grill can be bought at the convenience store (Nötöboden) not far from the house. Reservation costs 10€ - you will then have it to your disposal for the whole day (and night).

10.00€ / package

Come with us and explore Nötö! Apart from the beautiful sea, forrest, and plains, the island offers several unique attractions not found elsewhere. The whole tour costs 20€, regardless of the number of participants.

20.00€ / package

Make life easier for you and your friends! Groups can order full homemade meals. Contact us for more information.

0.00€ / package

From us you can rent canoes and picnic baskets. Bicycles can be found at the convenience store, Nötöboden.

0.00€ / package