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Summer Solstice 2017


Yesterday at 04:24 it changed. Yesterday the summer solstice occurred also on Nötö, meaning that is was the year´s longest day and shortest night. From today onwards, the days will shorten by a minute or two, and the nights will equally extend. The length of today is 18h 51min, sunset 23:00 in the evening. Tomorrow the day will be 18h and 50min long.

Yesterday evening we sat on the terrace of Backaro, and the evening was so beautiful. This picture was taken 23:10 in the evening. It´s almost as bright as during the day!


Kesäpäivänseisaus Nötö majatalo Backaro

I just love the summer! 🙂


Emanuel, 22. June, 09:45


Behind the Camera


Everyday you learn new things. One day you learn to pull up fishing nets, the next day you learn to use a grass trimmer. Last weekend I got a personal lession in photography. And not from just anyone, but from a fantastic photographer!

We´re surrounded by beauty all the time – be it in a big city or on an island in the middle of nature. If you´re in a hurry (like me and Ida usually are), then you miss all the beautiful details of one´s every-day life. Thanks to photography, you are permitted to pause for a while and appreciate your surroundings. Trees, a blade of grass, moss, a bird´s song, people, dogs, houses, a cow´s moo, no background noise from even a single car, in the heart of the Archipelago National Park… In front of a camera, I learn to appreciate this island more and more…

I don’t need to say more – the pictures will do it for me. Simply look at these picture of Nötö and us, taken by Leena Aijasaho:



Isokäpylintu Nötö

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Emanuel, 14 June, 12:58


New Vegetable Garden


Another beautiful, sunny and still day. There are currently just a few people on the island, and that’s why we decided to do something a bit different today. Me and Emanuel have already for a while dreamed of having our own little vegetable garden. Today we finally started the process of creating one 🙂

We also had a couple of old broken cupboards laying around. The island of Nötö doesn’t have its own dump yard, so…

Elämä Nötössä fire

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Ida, 8 May, 21:56