Backaro B&B


Today the guesthouse is run by Ida Wulff, a 20-year old student with roots on the island, together with her boyfriend Emanuel Jhutti. Ida’s grandfather, Krister Mattsson, was raised on Backa farm (Backa gård) and even went to school there when it was running. Krister Mattsson has written a book about his childhood on Nötö, Backaiten. The book is for sale at us!

Welcome to Backaro, a small, cosy guesthouse located on the island of Nötö within the Archipelago National Park in south-western Finland. We have built and renovated Backa gårds old house to a comfortable guesthouse with 8 nice and cosy bedrooms upstairs. On the entrance floor, we have an old fashioned “living room” with board games and a cozy fireplace for our guests to socialize and relax in. On the veranda we serve breakfast. Lunch and other meals can be arranged by agreement.

We have preserved the house’s exterior, surroundings and green area. The comforts include a bathroom with shower. A wood heated sauna in traditional style is also found at the guesthouse, and we would be more than happy to heat it for you! Indoors we have an electrical dry toilet and of course there is the traditional eco-toilet (dry toilet) outdoors.

During the summer months, there is a store for provisions 300 m from the guesthouse. The store also provides a washing machine as well as similar comforts. More information on Nötöboden (store) can be found here.

Welcome to Nötö in the archipelago of Turku!


The archipelago of Turku is not like any other place on our earth. Its tranquil sea with well over 20,000 islands and islets, combined with the endless amount of trees, makes the archipelago truly unique. The islands’ nature is rich and diverse, which makes it a great place to enjoy everything from long forest walks to the view of the rugged cliffs over the sea. The fauna on the islands is also rich. For birdwatchers the archipelago can offer unprecedented views and experiences.

Enjoy the untouched nature of the islands in the Archipelago National Park, which guarantees that the archipelagic culture as well as the natural landscape is preserved. Our ancestors enjoyed walks in the undisturbed nature – why don’t you, too?
With the exception of certain protected areas, you are free to move as you wish by boat in the national park. If you don’t own a boat, no problem! Just navigate your way through the archipelagic islands with the help of a taxiboat or ferry!



Take the archipelago-line (Finnish: saaristobussi – bus nr. 901-904) to Pärnäs, or get there on your own.
You can take the archipelago-buss-line from Turku or Helsinki, and some of it’s busstops are listed below:

  • Turku
    • Turku Busstation (Finnish: linja-autoasema)
    • Kupittaa Park (Finnish: Kupittaan puisto)
    • Piispanristi
  • Kaarina
  • Parainen busstation
  • Nauvo/Nagu Kirkkokylä (centrum)

See timetables for the archipelago-bus-line here (below Aikataulut).


The boat is free of charge and runs almost daily. Just hop on board!

You can find the boat´s timetables here (in the upper right corner)


This is something special for the island of Nötö. The klockarsten is a large pice of granite with several smooth cavities. When you hit these cavities the stone emits different metallic tones. It is evident that the cavities have been diligently hit on throughout time. What could the Klockarsten’s previous purpose have been?
The function room and party venue Havsborg can be rented by individuals and business’s alike. The premises fits about 150 people, and has both kitchen and compostal toilets.
On the southern side of the island you can find the camping ground of Nötö.
Near Nötös pier and centrum you will find Backaro, the village shop, Café Skolan, and the wooden chapel.