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Nötöpäivä 2017

Nötöday 14.7 2018

Nötöday is here again! Welcome to Nötö 14.7.2018 to experience a day full of events and entertainment for all ages. Among other entertainment, the island offers:

  • Marketplace at the old school/Café
  • Program for children
  • Nötö running course (walk or run around the island – compete if you wish)
  • Quiz & lottery
  • Buy food, like for example the famous Nötö-Highlander-Burgers
  • Nötöparty for all ages in the evening at the party hall – starts with live band, then DJ. Come and dance!
  • Nice atmosphere 🙂


[view the day’s exact timetable here ]


The timetable for the day is as following:

At Café Skolan and by the water

  • 10:30 – registration for the running course, Nötöloppet
  • 11:00 – start of children’s race, which is quite short. Once they have passed the goal line, then the adults’ race will start
  • 11:30 – start of the adults’ race, which is about 5km
  • 12:00 – 14:00 – Flea Market on the front yard of the old school. In case you do not want to sell anything yourself, you can donate items to the Nötö Local History Association
  • 12:00 – 14:00 – Childrens’ program. ToraBella’s Magic Show
  • 12:00 – 14:00 – Lunch is served both by the water and at Café Skolan
  • 13:00 – 15:00 – Exhibition/Vernissage  Camera Obscura at the waiting cabin by the steamboat pier. Black Kaffinobox XII. Photographs 32 x N.N. Artist G. Hästbacka is present at the Vernissage


At the venue Havsborg

  • 19:00 – The evening party begins
  • 20:00 – Dance both inside and outside of Havsborg: orchestra Aspö Spelmän. The neighboring island’s, Aspö’s, talented musicians come to Nötö and perform with traditional archipelago music
  • 23:00 onwards – DJ Bunuel plays dance music


Darts, lottery, light food/refreshments, and competitions.
Beer and wine for sale!

If you want to donate lottery prizes, then please do so to the village shop, Nötöboden.

A Swedish/Finnish Quiz will be held during the whole day.


So that’s it! While you’re waiting, why not read about a previous year’s Nötöday here?

Hope to see you at the steamboat pier! 🙂