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Saxofonisti Esa Pietilä Nötö Backaro

Saxophonist Esa Pietilä

The saxophonist and composer Esa Pietilä is performing in Nötö’s church (wooden chapel) on Friday 6.7 2018 at 19:00!


“Esa Pietilä´s multifaceted expression of saxophone deals with many different musical “genres” and also mixes them very creatively. He can be found appearing as soloist for chamber orchestra or other larger ensembles (such as Avanti! chamber Orchestra with conductor Esa Pekka Salonen in 2014), and performing with his many duo collaborations with contemporary classical & new music chamber musicians, playing totally free improvisations at his solo concerts, performing with his own contemporary & freejazz oriented groups & projects eg. the latest award winning “Liberty Ship” quartet (which album “Approaching” voted for “The Album of the Year 2013, by the New York City Jazz Record).” [1]