Here you find all happenings on the island of Nötö

WANV Summer Jazz Nötö Backaro

WANV Summer Jazz Tour 2018

WANV is a collaboration between Gothenburg-based jazz trio Westlin/Andersson/Nummela and Finnish vocalist Josefiina Vannesluoma. They will tour in outer Finnish Archipelago in June-July 2018.

WANV Summer Jazz Tour 2018 is performing at Klockarsten (the big rock) at 18:00. After that they will continue their performance at Nötö’s old church (wooden chapel) at 19:30.

Free admission to the concert.

Here you can find a map of Nötö as well as information on its attractions, such as the Klockarsten and wooden chapel.

Hope to you see you at Klockarsten at 18:00, 3.7.2018! 🙂