Tässä löydät kaikki tapahtumat Nötössä


Midsummer at Café Skolan

Midsummer is soon here again! At the island´s old school, Café Skolan, is where everyone will gather. The program for the evening is as follows:


The café is open 17-22

klo. 18: Preparing the maypole together with flowers etc.

klo. 19.30: Rising the maypole

klo. 20. Opening of the nature inspired art exhibition from Nina Albrecht, Sanna Kananoja and Aya Lundsten

klo. 20- 01 Dance on the garden


See you at Café Skolan at 18:00 23.6.2017!


Nötöday 15.7.2017

Nötöday is here again! Welcome to Nötö 15.7 to experience a day full of events and entertainment for all ages. Among other entertainment, the island offers:

  • Marketplace at the old school/Café
  • Program for children
  • Nötö running course (walk or run around the island – compete if you wish)
  • Listen and learn about the archipelago life and the islands history
  • Quiz & lottery
  • Buy food, like for example the famous Nötö-Highlander-Burgers
  • Nötöparty for all ages in the evening at the party hall – starts with live band, then DJ. Come and dance!
  • Nice atmosphere

We will update more specific information during the spring – meanwhile you can read about last year´s Nötöday here.

Hope to see you at the steamboat dock!