Here you find all happenings on the island of Nötö

Birthe Wingren Nötö church Backaro

Actress Birthe Wingren

The Finnish actress Birthe Wingren (currently lives in Stockholm) returns after a almost 10-year pause!

The subheading of this Swedish-speaking event is What is time?
At Nötö church (wooden chapel) Saturday 7.7 2018, 19:00. Welcome!




Trio Systrafolk Nötö Backaro

Folkmusic – Trio Systrafolk

Trio Systrafolk (Victoria Lindqvist, Theresa Laurikka och Linda Sundberg) is performing in Nötö’s church (wooden chapel) Wednesday 11.7 2018 at 18:00.



Nötöpäivä 2017

Nötöday 14.7 2018

Nötöday is here again! Welcome to Nötö 14.7.2018 to experience a day full of events and entertainment for all ages. Among other entertainment, the island offers:

  • Marketplace at the old school/Café
  • Program for children
  • Nötö running course (walk or run around the island – compete if you wish)
  • Quiz & lottery
  • Buy food, like for example the famous Nötö-Highlander-Burgers
  • Nötöparty for all ages in the evening at the party hall – starts with live band, then DJ. Come and dance!
  • Nice atmosphere 🙂


[view the day’s exact timetable here ]


Skärgårdsteatern Nötö Backaro

Theatre – Skärgårdsteatern

The Swedish-speaking Skärgårdsteatern and The Art Academy are performing the play Kung Ubu, directed by Rasmus Slätis.

By the venue Havsborg, Wednesday 18.7 2018 at 19:00.



Saxofonisti Esa Pietilä Nötö Backaro

Nötö Soul and Blues night

Darkest White Soul Orchestra (classical soul-band consisting of 9 members) and Maisteri T together with the accordionist Pekka Pietikäinen.

The night will be filled with soul- and blues-music – both modern soul and from the 50’s and 60’s. Join us! 🙂

See you at the venue Havsborg 21.7 2018 at 19:00!