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Behind the Camera


Everyday you learn new things. One day you learn to pull up fishing nets, the next day you learn to use a grass trimmer. Last weekend I got a personal lession in photography. And not from just anyone, but from a fantastic photographer!

We´re surrounded by beauty all the time – be it in a big city or on an island in the middle of nature. If you´re in a hurry (like me and Ida usually are), then you miss all the beautiful details of one´s every-day life. Thanks to photography, you are permitted to pause for a while and appreciate your surroundings. Trees, a blade of grass, moss, a bird´s song, people, dogs, houses, a cow´s moo, no background noise from even a single car, in the heart of the Archipelago National Park… In front of a camera, I learn to appreciate this island more and more…

I don’t need to say more – the pictures will do it for me. Simply look at these picture of Nötö and us, taken by Leena Aijasaho:



Isokäpylintu Nötö

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Emanuel, 14 June, 12:58



Vihreä metsä Nötö

Tuulimylly Nötö

Puu Nötö

Meri Nötö

Majatalo Backaro Nötö PihallaMe and Ida sitting in a tree, and the picture got even more meaning when Ida´s granddad and his wife Nina came out on the garden. Our guest Merja is enjoying the sun there on the terrace – I’m glad she´s also part of the picture 🙂


Majatalo Backaro Nötö Emanuel ja IdaSwings build by Krister on Backaro´s garden.


Majatalo Backaro Jaffa koira NötöThe dog Jaffa loves ham 🙂


Lintu Nötö

Lampaita Nötö
“hey everyone look there, Leena is taking a picture!!” – sheep


Jaffa Koira Backaro Nötö

The dog Jaffa and our cat Ebba are neighbours. Good thing they like each other. They´re both so sweet.

Ebba kissa Nötö

Jaffa koira Nötö Backaro



Highlander lehmä Backaro NötöA batch of Highlander cows arrived on Nötö a couple of weeks ago. Here next to Backaro they enjoy life and grow each day (I mean it´s not like they are on shortage of food there on the field 🙂 )



Majatalo Backaro laituri NötöIda´s grandfather and her mom´s boyfriend´s mother is untangling fishing nets on the old pier next to the village.


Nötö kirkko puukappeli vaellus
Nötö´s old wooden chapel, inaugurated 1757.


Nötö Highlander lehmä


Thank you so much Leena Aijasaho for these beautiful pictures!

Here you will find the rest of Leenas beautiful pictures of Nötö (click here)!


Emanuel, 14 June, 12:58