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New Vegetable Garden


Another beautiful, sunny and still day. There are currently just a few people on the island, and that’s why we decided to do something a bit different today. Me and Emanuel have already for a while dreamed of having our own little vegetable garden. Today we finally started the process of creating one 🙂

We also had a couple of old broken cupboards laying around. The island of Nötö doesn’t have its own dump yard, so…

Elämä Nötössä fire

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Ida, 8 May, 21:56


We really hope that a beautiful vegetable garden will grow inside this stone enclosure!


Krister (Ida’s grandfather) had this brilliant idea of going down to the village shop to buy some sausages (yes I know, welcome to the Finnish culture – the only thing missing is us sitting in our sauna).

Elämä Nötössä makkara


After our grilling session, all four of us (including the dog Jaffa) went for a long peaceful forest walk. There are so many old, beautiful and untouched forests, fields and mountains on the island. I’m so grateful for it.

Elämä Nötössä metsä


We have been diligent today. In order to survive, you have always had to be physically active out here in the archipelago. Chop firewood, fish, hunt, etc… And the same procedure the next day.

Good night!

Elämä Nötössä Jaffa koira

Ida, 8. May, 21:56